The Handbook of Nature Study – Free Online Ebook

img_1609.jpgSweet Fennel we found on the side of the road in San Onofre, California.

Hi friends! I just wanted to come on quickly to share a link with you. If you’re into Charlotte Mason’s style of homeschooling, you may have seen or heard about this book, The Handbook of Nature Study. Lately I’ve been seeing it show up in every third photo on my Instagram feed. I can’t help but be curious about a book that’s over 100 years old and still so popular! After finding out today that all copies at our charter were taken, I hit the internet. I’ve had good luck in the past finding free versions of books on Hoopla and, and thankfully tonight was no different!

Click here to read the book online for free!


Click here to read another version. (Same text, white pages, and updated photos.)

I also just came across this blog while researching the book. Looks like she’s done all the work for you and has her lesson plans ready to be downloaded.



Erin Fuentes


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